A Revolutionary Personal Protective Must Have!

Amidst the Coronavirus Pandemic, the need for face masks have never been more urgent! And Swim-dry has responded to this with a revolutionary facemask that offers high protection using Nanosilver Ion Technology.

Our face mask is the one and only face mask you will ever need!

Its high technology, Nanosilver Ion infused fabric makes it breathable and extra high protection as it does not only block off germs it also kills them!

Outer layer water
repellent to block droplet spread.

All this with the durable, water-repellant, multi-wash, anti-odor and quick-drying Swim-dry quality fabric designed and sewn into a sleek and comfortable contour fitted mask with adjustable bands that is perfect for everyday use including sports and exercise!

No need for filter replacement

This superior technology developed by DuPont Company also means that the protective ability is heat, wash and light-resistant with long-term antibacterial function.

Available in various options and neutral black

Two size variants to choose from

Adult Size

Kids Size

Embrace the “new normal” with us at Swim-dry and get yourself effective protection that is simple, innovative and hassle-free!


The probability of transmitting virus, germs or bacteria through contact between a person carrying them, wearing no mask and a healthy person with a standard mask or face covering results in 70%.


With our cutting edge technology Nanosilver Ion masks, that probability is reduced
to just 1.5%. Protect your loved ones with a high quality quick-drying and trendy looking mask.

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