Swimdry has debuted its very own on-the-go aircon. This innovative product re-defi nes body cooling especially in our warm, South African climate. The Swimdry Chillax towel has a cooling effect that is long-lasting and powerful enough to single-handedly take on global-warming! It is the perfect companion for all “heated” situations such as hot, humid weather, gym, sport, jogging, hikes, long walks, cycling, travel, everyday commute and construction work. It is the ultimate stress and heat buster during hot flushes, heat exhaustion, excessive perspiration and fever. Just wet it, wring the water out and snap to activate! Stay cool, fresh and comfy with Swimdry’s Chillax towel.

Size : 84 x 31 cm – Weight : 42 grams. Material : 80% Polyester; 20% Polyamide Nylon